About US


Hi!—We’re Cassie and Alexa, a femme lesbian couple who loves to find colorful places wherever we go! We’re a long-distance couple representing the two Washingtons (Washington, D.C. and Seattle, Washington), but you can find us just about anywhere where there is street art.

You can see more of our adventures on our instagram! Follow along at @Twofemmegems

DC Heart Wall Mural  — The one that started it all

DC Heart Wall Mural — The one that started it all


Our Story

Meeting & Being a Long-Distance Couple

In true modern dating fashion, our story began by swiping right. We matched on Bumble a week prior to Cassie moving from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia, PA, and eventually onward to Seattle, WA for graduate school. Preparing to leave the area, Cassie was 100% not looking for anything serious, but when she stumbled across Alexa’s profile she couldn’t resist. She swiped right, was notified that we had matched, and made the first move with an adorably cheesy geology pun, that swept Alexa right off her rock-loving feet. 

From that point on the conversation flowed easily, so easily in fact that we were regularly maxing out the Bumble message character limit. This made for a convenient excuse to exchange numbers, and eventually arrange our first date. With one of us in DC and the other in Philadelphia our very first date was already long distance, and took some creative planning. We ended up at a beautiful garden in southeast PA, which meant both of us had long drives to nervously hope that our connection in person would be as incredible as it had been over text.  


We had nothing to fear. Our first date was literal magic, and we were both instantly smitten, a feeling that hasn’t faded one bit. We made our relationship official on the 4th of July to the sound of fireworks booming in the background. Since then, Cassie has moved to Seattle, WA to begin graduate school, and we have navigated distance across the country. We have a rule that we never leave a visit with having our next trip to see one another planned.

A Passion for Street Art

Shortly into our relationship, we decided to go mural hunting in DC to get some pictures in front of a beautiful heart wall (featured above). Little did we know this was the beginning of our adventure into hunting colorful street art across the country. We love interacting with art in public spaces, and bringing color, positivity, and authenticity to your screen. We always have our next street art adventure planned and look forward to sharing the gems that we find.